Some complementary initiatives are associated with Silfreed Records and share our spirit of research and the ecological approach to technology. Here are some of these sister initiatives.

- wants to be a reference point for those interested in the study of past, present and future technologies not based on high energy fossil fuels. The intention is to gather materials and information on technologies with lower energy and environmental impacts, to develop projects for the development and application of these technologies and also to experience directly the implementation of prototypes. It addresses environmental activists, teachers, artisans, scientists, technicians, and anyone curious to heart the topic.

- The purpose of this workshop is to invent and apply technologies and methods with an energy and environmental low impact useful for recording and listening to music of high quality projects. The workshop also aims to be a reference point to shorten the production chain and implement strategies in favor of those who produce, making it sure that whoever takes care of productions can regain possession of the economic benefits of their work to reinvest it.

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